Innovation Training

Innovation training  in the context of higher education is characterized by intentional action aimed at improving student learning in a sustainable way. Social and technological evolution requires constant adaptation of the teacher, to whom students, employers and himself successively present new challenges.

The answer to all these challenges requires a broad portfolio of tools, which we intend to aggregate in this space.

Get to know the operational model of 10% UP TO YOU in which everyone is invited to add new tools, describe their experiences and improve the description here. Contact us here.

The entrepreneurship module takes place in the form of seminars and workshops, where fundamental steps for the creation of a company are approached, such as: Processes of innovation and business creation; The processes and mechanisms of protection for research results; Business strategies in technology and information systems; The legal process of trademarks and patents; Mechanisms of business financing; Business plan design.

6 ECTS | 1st and 2nd semester | Apply Here

Career Development Plan aims to create opportunities for students to get to know the job market; identify and develop soft skills for employability; apply networking tools; implement active job search strategies; participate in a recruitment process.
The classes serve as a workshop, specialist sessions, seminars and active methodologies such as Learn by Doing and Team-based problem solving.

6 ECTS | 1st and 2nd semester | Apply Here

Extracurricular internship is a technical internship in the study area of the course of each student. Students are integrated in a company or institution, developing activities of a technical-scientific nature, in their training area, mentored by a skilled professional of the host institution.

6 ECTS | 1st and 2nd semester | Apply Here

The Scientific Initiation Internship aims to provide students with the first contact with research activities through its integration in ongoing projects at IPB research units. Allowing students to develop scientific thinking and creativity while learning research techniques and methods. Explore de Internship options for tis semester

6 ECTS | 1st and 2nd semester | Apply Here

Demola project develops and promotes multidisciplinary projects based in real challenges or community problems (companies and institutions) where innovation and a wide range of skills are required. Students are involved in teamwork, in multidisciplinary, multinational, multicultural and co-creation environments.

6 ECTS | 1st and 2nd semester | Apply Here

Real challenges coming from IPB structures or external partners are presented to teams of students, who, over a semester performing teamwork, will develop and demonstrate knowledge and skills to implement a work plan. At the end of this module students will be encouraged to reveal their communication skills, presenting in a clear, reasoned and sustainable way the ideas and solutions developed. Explore the challenges open for this semester.

6 ECTS | 1st and 2nd semester | Apply Here

Healthy aging is addressed here as a transdisciplinary societal challenge for the whole IPB. Each school will host a series of workshops, with a conceptual and applied component, in a real context whenever possible, allowing students to have a real perception of the whole scope of this topic.


6 ECTS | 1st and 2nd semester | Apply Here

This typology of internships allows the student to grasp the dynamics of the host institution and identify resources and needs for intervention. The activities developed during the internship can be framed in one of two possible aspects: solidarity and citizenship internship and technical internship. In the first one, the students provide support in social solidarity institutions, in their various capacities, in contact with the users and staff. In the technical voluntary internships, the students are integrated in a company, developing activities of a technical-scientific nature, in their training area.

6 ECTS | 2nd semester | Apply Here

ROFF and IPB launched a second extracurricular unit, SAP ABAP Application Development, running in the first half of academic year 2020/2021, and directed to finalists in Informatics Engineering and Management Informatics.

6 ECTS | 1st semester | Apply Here

Graça Morais has a widely recognized and disseminated artistic work, which has won numerous awards and distinctions over the years.

From Trás-os-Montes, she frequently returns to Bragança, where she seeks inspiration and finds the Graça Morais Contemporary Art Centre, the Graça Morais Mountain Arts Laboratory, and several pieces of work from her authorship, displayed in reference buildings of the city.

Bragança is the ideal context to study and find inspiration in the work and life of Graça Morais.

 6 ECTS | 1st and 2nd semester | Apply Here

In a studio environment, typical from the creative industries, projects are developed in partnership with the community (companies and institutions). It’s a context of collaborative and creative work, which stimulates technical skills and problem solving, communication and self-management. The main areas of expertise are game design, arts, computer science and project management applied to a wide range of themes.

6 ECTS | 1st and 2nd semester | Apply Here

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